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YL PAL system for GC automation

The YL PAL LSI (Liquid Sample Injection) system is a robot that can reach any three dimensional position within its working space and is ideal for picking up and placing objects such as vials.

It can inject from multiple sample containers into different inlets or transport vials from a tray to temperature controlled modules such as the agitator for heating samples or the Peltier stack for cooling to 4 ° c.

The YL PAL LSI system ensures superior repeatability and offers large sample capacity liquid sample injection (648 vial of 2 ml ).

YL PAL (Robotic Sample Injection) / Robotic Tool Change (RTC) systems can be adapted or extended to use the combined injection techniques such as static headspace injection, fluid injection, SPME (solid-phase microextraction), and ITEX (in-tube extraction)  provide dynamic headspace on an instrument.

 YL PAL RSI / RTC systems have many options that increase sample capacity and add injection methods or modules for sample preparation.

 The basis for accurate handling of gaseous and liquid samples is the mechanical precision and robustness of PAL. PAL RSI's open, modular architecture makes PAL the most versatile system, and tools can be easily exchanged within minutes.

The YL PAL RTC system offers the same reliability, flexibility and productivity as the RSI system, but also offers robotic tool change that automatically switches between different tools.

This means that you can perform the unattended analysis including complex sample preparation and injections.

YL PAL systems can reach any three dimensional position within their workspace. It is able to transport vials to read bar codes or to transfer the vials to 4 ° C in temperature controlled modules such as the stirrer for heating samples or the Peltier element for cooling.

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