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Karl Fischer analyzer

As a  leader in Microcoulometric Karl Fischer analyzer manufacturer,

Mitsubishi Chemical  Analytec Inc.  is able to propose you the most wide choice of different configurations, from small portable system up to complete 2 channels laboratory KF analyser

CA 31 For on site analysis

Touch screen control and USB interface

Range: 10ug to 100mg H2O

Sensitivity: 0,1ug H2O

Background : Automatic correction

Can be configured with battery (option)

Available in 2 colors

Example of Application

Moisture in transformer oil

Moisture analysis on production site

Fit to all small laboratories

Take your analytical instrument with you !

We propose you  a set of KF reagents from the highest quality:

AQUAMICRON  Reagents:    Provided in small quantity ,  100ml up to 500 ml bottles for anolyte

AQUAMICRON  Reagents :   In small  5ml Ampoules for catholyte   

Analytical standard are also available in ampoules of 5 ml

Choose the highest quality for your  KF reagents

If you need more detail about the reagents or KF applications  please contact us by mail, we will send you more information’s and actual prices by return either in electronic form (pdf files ) or by normal mail

CA 200 High performance system at best price

Large 5,7 Inch color LCD display

Integrated  high performance thermal printer

Range :10 ug to 100 mg H2O

Sensitivity: 0,1 ug H2O

Precision: +/- 3ug for 10ug to 1mg H2O range RSD less than 0,3%

Unique patented electrode self cleaning function

PC interface and  USB memory stick file storage and transfer

Store up to 20 files and 50 multi files

Store up to 100 data results

Bromine index mode

Internal test mode

Internal calculation functions also customized formula

Up gradable with  Oven, second analysis channel, burette mode

PC software available as option with IQ/OQ/PQ functions

Simultaneously 2-channel Measurement (High Performance) you can choose between different configurations for example: CA-CA, KF-KF and CA-KF are available

Various Vaporizers available (General applications, Oil, Sampler

 Cost effective block heather oven , Hi-Temp oven)

Oven Ramp Heating (VA-200, VA-210, VA-124S)

Data Capture Version is available ( for 200 Series )

Multi File (Built in optimized application Library: up to 50 Files)

Bromine Index / Bromine Number Measurement ( as Standard )

The instrument is suitable for the following normalized  ASTM test:

KF Reagents and standards

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