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Chrozen UHPLC binary solvent Pump

Flow range:1 ul / min - 2 ml /min, max 5 ml/min

Pressure up to 1300 Bar (18’800 PSI)

Excellent flow precision < 0.75 %

Automated compressibility compensation

Automatic self priming by FFAP

Integrated degasser for each solvent line

Delay volume 50ul as standard  with 35ul mixer/ Optional mixer : 100 ul , 150 ul

Easy  maintenance and Auto diagnostic at start up

Small footprint: only 330  x 178 x 549 mm

Multi parameter monitoring possibility and much more...

Included  high resolution UV-VIS detector:

Wavelength range: 190-900 nm dual wavelength

Data collection rate: up to 125Hz

Light source: Deuterium arc lamp / Tungsten lamp

2-Order filter: Automatic filter switching

Bandwidth: 5 nm

Wavelength accuracy: ±1 nm, Wavelength precision: ±0.1nm, Linearity: > 2 AU

Noise level: <0.5 X 10-5 Abs/min, 254nm, single wavelength mode ,Drift : < 4X 10-4 Abs/hour

Flow cell design: Total reflection celle with liquid ncore waveguide Technology,Path length: 10 mm, volume: 2.4 uL  

Pressure limit: 70 bar (1000 psi )

Optics and electronic diagnostic routine at start up with wavelength Verification via internal holmium filter


Temperature range: 4°C (Cooling) - 90 °C

Temperature stability: ±0.05°C

Temperature accuracy: ±0.5°C

Temperature programs: 40 Steps

Column capacity: Three columns up to 150 mm length

Preheat: 230mm heat exchanger 1/16"OD, upper 12ul 0.01"ID, down 3ul 0.005"ID

Communications: LAN

Safety & maintenance: Leak detection, Diagnostics, Error detection

Dimensions: 330 X 172 X 549 mm (width X height X depth)

Weight : 14 Kg


Sample capacity: 2 Micro Well Plates according to SBS standards; 96-well high/low

Loop volume: 1 - 5000 µL programmable, 10 mL loop optional

Dispenser syringe: 250 µL standard

Pressure range: 0 ~ 18,800 psi (0 ~ 1300 bar)

Vial detection: Missing vial/well plate detection by sensor

Headspace pressure: Built-in compressor, but only for vials with septa

Switching time injection valve: Electrically < 100 msec

Piercing precision needle: ± 0.6mm

Wash solvent: Integrated wash solvent bottle

Wetted parts in flow path: SS316, PTFE, TEFZEL, VESPEL, glass, For Bio-kit option: PEEK and Coated-steel (needle) instead of SS316

Injection cycle time: < 60 sec. in all injection modes for 1 injection ≤ 100 µL including 250 µL wash / < 20 sec in partial loopfill mode for 1 injection of 10µL including 500 µL washWorking temperature: 10 - 40°C

Analytical performance:

Injection modes: Partial loop injections, PASA™ (pressure-assisted sample aspiration)


RSD ≤ 0.5% for partial loopfill injections, Injection Volume>5 µL

Carry-over: < 0.05% with programmable needle wash


User interface: Xcalibur driver and Service Manager

Injection volume: 0 µL - 10 µL(depending on loop) /

Injections per vial/well: max. 9 injections

Analysis time: max. 9 hr, 59 min, 59 sec

Wash: Programmable - Wash between injections, Wash between vials

Timed events: Programmable/ 4 x AUX ON/OFF

Priority sample: Programmable


Sound pressure level: LeAq < 70 dB

Storage temperature: -25 - +60˚C

Humidity: 20 - 80% RH

Safety and EMC compatibility: According to EC-directives; CSA (UL) approved

Power requirements: 95 - 240 Volt AC ± 10%; 50/60Hz; 200VA Dimensions: 330 x 358 x 556 (Width x Height x Depth)

Weight:  20 Kg

Modular Column Compartment

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UHPLC Chrozen Autosampler