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YL 6500 GC 

Optimized GC up to 3 columns and  3 injectors and 3 detectors.

Main features:

Time scheduling of system on/off, run time base up to 9999 analysis, Gas Saver function , Powerful control function for Flow and pressure control by Advanced Pneumatic Control (APC) four control mode can be used constant pressure,constant flow, programmed pressure (5 steps) or programmed flow ( 5 steps constant flow, programmed pressure (5 steps), programmed flow (5 steps).

Up to six APC can be installed in the instrument Perfect control of all parameters using dual CPU system

High performance column oven

Fast temperature ramps up to 100 degree / min

Fast cooling down rate , from 450 degree to 50 degree C in less than 6,5 min

Programing up to 25 ramp and 26 temperature steps

Up to 20  programming method

1 heated oven zone/ 3 heated injector zone,  3 heated detector zone/ 2 heated valve zone, 1 heated methanizer zone.

Safety functions

The YL6900 GC/MS from YL Instruments is a new powerful mass spectrometer developed by dedication for gas chromatography and mass spectrometry technologists backed by twenty two years of experience in this field.

The innovative GC/MS supports a huge number of spectra with the highest scanning speed (20,000 amu/sec) across every GC peak, provides very wide mass range (1-1,200 u) and the lowest instrument detection limit (less than 10fg of OFN), and the highest sensitivity.

This GC/MS offers operational simplicity, powerful tuning protocols and the highest productivity with automation.


Ion Source: EI (CI – option)

• Mass Range: 1–1200 u

• Resolution: 0.7 amu

• Electron Energy: Adjustable from 0 to 240 eV

• Emission currency: 500 uA max

• Max Scan Rate: 20000 amu./s

• Mass Stability: ±0.1 amu /48 h

• Ion Source Temperature: up to 350 °C

• Transfer Line Temperature: up to 400 °C

• Scan mode: Full, Segment, Selected Ions Mode, Combined

• Turbo pump: 240 L/sec (66 or 300 L/sec as option)

• Sensitivity (EI): Signal-to-Noise ratio 1500:1 and more (1uL of 1pg/uL OFN, SIM)

• Instrument Detection Limit (IDL): < 10fg (Eight sequential splitless injections, 100fg OFN, m/z 272)

• Power supply: 220V±10%, 50/60Hz

• Power consumption: 900 W max

• Weight: 48 kg

• Dimensions: 35 x 65 x 50 cm

• Data communication: Ethernet

• Compatibility of GC model: YL6500 Gas Chromatograph

• Software: YL-Clarity software

YL 6900 GC /MS 

Optimized GC up to 3 columns /  3 injectors and 3 detectors.

Bright color LCD display

Easy to read  5,7” display

All relevant information and control are clearly displayed.

All instrument settings are on color LCD display

Clearly defined information are displayed and can be changed by touching the display.

Easy to use ,

automatic flame ignition by APC for FID detection

In autonome configuration can store up to 30 different analytical methods

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The YL PAL LSI (Liquid Sample Injection) system is a robot that can reach any three dimensional position within its working space and is ideal for picking up and placing objects such as vials.

It can inject from multiple sample containers into different inlets or transport vials from a tray to temperature controlled modules such as the agitator for heating samples or the Peltier stack for cooling to 4 ° c.

The YL PAL LSI system ensures superior repeatability and offers large sample capacity liquid sample injection (648 vial of 2 ml ).