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Combustion IC sample mineralisation

The AQF-2100 is a completely  unique instrument for qualitative and quantitative measurement of all halogens and sulfur  in practically  any kind of samples.

Method  compatibility: D5987, nD7359 , JEITA,  ET-7304 - Chlorine,

This instrument can replace all the mineralisation systems (Oxygen  bomb, microwave high pressure mineralisation) and , in conjunction with a Ion Chromatography system  allow total automation in the analysis of complex samples, industrial  residue, solvent mixes, soil samples, resin, wood  etc...  Save time , increase performance, increase throughput, cut your analysis cost with this unique instrument.

New features:

Full automation from calibration to shut down.

A single combustion method for unknown sample.

Open/close furnace for check and maintenance.

Ability of upgrade up to 4 detectors in one furnace

Integrated hydropyrolysis function.

Other analyzers can be utilized (ICP-MS/AES, AA).

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