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GC Spare parts

The Visacon brand is about providing the highest quality OEM products for chromatography. From laboratory consumables to UV/VIS instrumentation Visacon has quality products at pricing that will allow you to hit your cost targets. We have 17 years of providing chromatography products to the life sciences markets. Custom manufacturing and packaging are our specialty.

Wide choice of spare:

Injection Port Liners

Gas Purification cartridges

Reflect Scientific offers three different types of purifiers for removal of moisture, hydrocarbon, and oxygen from carrier gases.

All have been proven cost effective in preventing column degradation, eliminating baseline drift and maximizing the accuracy of analytical data.

They have been designed for optimum rate and breakthrough capacity. For best overall results in contaminant removal they should be used in combination.

Gas Purification

Type 1: High Capacity Moisture Trap, Treated with ultra pure Helium, Reduces H20 to less than 15 ppb

Type 2: Capillary Grade Hydrocarbon Trap, Purged with ultra pure helium, Activated carbon base

Type 3: High Capacity Oxygen Trap, High efficiency getter, Reduces 02 to 15 ppb

Silicone Rubber Products

Injection Port Liners

Several deactivation processes are available to ensure complete inertness for your most critical applications. Consistent dimensions and tolerances assure you the highest quality liners available today.

Vials, caps & inserts

Choose from a variety of sizes ranging from 8x40mm to 30x54mm.

Materials of construction are typically:

Type1, 33 Expansion Borosilicate glass(Clear)

Type1, 51 Expansion Borosilicate glass(Amber)


TPX(PolyMethyl Pentene)

Range of vial sizes:

8x40mm     22x38mm

8x32mm     23x46mm

15x45mm   23x75mm

18x50mm   23x75mm

20x38mm   30x54mm

Silicone compounds are perhaps the most versatile materials on the market today. They can outperform all other elastomers in a temperature range of -65 to 500C.

Typically they find application in the following areas:





Conductivity media

Formed sheets, membranes and thin films formed products are available in cut sizes, sheets and pads with the following options:

Teflon, Mylar or Aluminum lined

Cross slit

Laser drilled holes

GC injection port septa

Vial cap liners

Ferrules for GC

Choose from a wide range of caps & seals, including:

Teflon/Silicone Liners(low bleed)

Teflon/Butyl Rubber Liners

Teflon/Red Rubber Liners

8,9,& 10mm Poylpropylene Screw Caps

11 & 20mm Snap Caps Polyethylene

8,11,& 20mm Aluminum Crimp Seals

20mm Magnetic Crimp Seals


Choose from inserts in sizes ranging from 4x27mm to 6x38mm, including:

4x25mm w/spring    5x36mm

4x27mm                 5x36mm w/spring

5x30mm                 6x25mm w/spring

5x30mm w/spring    6x29mm