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 YL9150 HPLC Autosampler  

Sound pressure level: LeAq < 70 dB

Working temperature: 10 - 40°C

Safety and EMC compatibility: According to EC-directives; CSA (UL) approved

Power requirements: 95 - 240 Volt AC ± 10%; 50/60 Hz; 200 VA


Sample capacity: 2 Micro Well Plates according to SBS standards; 96-well high/low

Loop volume: 1 - 5000 µL programmable, 10 mL loop optional

Dispenser syringe: 500 µL standard or 2500 µL for Prep option

Vial detection: Missing vial/well plate detection by sensor

Headspace pressure: Built-in compressor, but only for vials with septa

Switching time injection valve: Electrically < 100 msec

Piercing precision needle: ± 0.6mm

Wash solvent: External wash solvent bottle (bracket optional)

Wetted parts in flow path: SS316, PTFE (teflon), ETFE  (tefzel), VESPEL, PCTFE (Kel-F). Optional: PEEK

Injection cycle time: < 60 sec. in all injection modes for 1 injection ≤ 100 µL including 300 µL wash / < 20 sec in partial loop fill mode for 1 injection of 10µL including 500 µL wash

Need high levels of reproducibility and accuracy  but do not run large sample batches ?

HT310L is the answer for an HPLC autosampler derived from HT300L. This special version has a fixed tray that holds up to 10 sample vials and that gives the autosampler a very small footprint.With a competitive price the HT310L is a valid, efficient and perfect alternative to the manual injector. It uses a similar interface to the HT300L and can be interfaced with most HPLC systems and can be controlled easily by the Data Apex Clarity software.


It uses different kind of syringes with volume from 500 nanoliters to 100 microliters. It allows to handle the most sophisticated sampling and injection techniques such as:

syringe washes: with sample or with solvent, single or double wash step capability

HT 280 T All in one

The HT280T is an all-in-one autosampler that combines in a single unit a traditional liquid sample injection, a static headspace and a SPME (Solid Phase micro-extraction) autosampler.

Changing from Liquid to Headspace or to SPME is as simple as changing the sample tray, syringe and vial sensor (about 5 minutes in total without the need to remove the autosampler from the GC). Conversion kits are supplied according to your needs (kit for liquid, head-space and SPME can be provisioned separately). Just one simple tool (supplied) is required for the conversion which takes around 5 minutes to complete with the autosampler in situ.

Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME) is a valid GC sample technique able to further increase laboratory productivity by offering a significant reduction in sample preparation time.

In one-step process, you will be able to perform extraction, concentration and introduction of analytes into GC. No hazardous solvent and no large extraction solvent quantity is necessary.

 Furthermore no solvent injection and fast analytes desorbtion improve minimum detection limits.

With SPME analytes are absorbed onto the stationary phases coated or either fused silica or metal fibers. Then the analytes are thermally desorbed from the fiber to a GC inlet onto a capillary column. SPME techniques could require headspace or liquid extraction: HT280T performs both by setting vial penetration depth.

HT280T supports derivatisation pre- or post-extraction phase as application notes could require. Extraction is performed in the heated oven also through gently rocking (rocking speed is programmable): low speeds are supported to reduce mechanical stress on fiber. Oven door is kept closed during extraction: therefore the temperature is constant during extraction (it is very important in long time extraction).

Fiber cleaning after liquid extraction is supported; furthermore cleaning after desorbtion is supported too by injector or by an external cleaning device (optional).

SPME products are sold under license from SUPELCO under U.S. Patent 5,691,206 and/or any divisions, continuations or revisions thereof.

HTL 3000  LCD display

Sliding sample rack

Top view

HTA3000 serie support all GCs of your lab

It can be easily installed on all the GC and GC/MS systems available on the market.

 It can be configured serving up to two injectors in the most of the supported GC.

GC autosampler HPLC autosampler


Large Sample Capacity and Wide Range of Sample Vessels

The instrument can handle up to 176 2ml-vials per run or it can work with different kinds of sample vessels. Inject samples out of vials (2/4/6/10/20/40 ml), test tubes, tube blocks or plates including Vacutainer®, Eppendorf® tubes, and Well Format Tubes.

Application Versatility

HT4000L fits all liquid chromatography systems. It is able to look after the widest range of applications including analytical, prep, UHPLC, IC, nano, LC/MS... and many more!

Lab Automation Ready

HT4000L can work as a standard HPLC autosampler. However you may want to delegate some sample preparation tasks: HT4000L can take care of them as no standard autosampler has been able to assist. Dilution, precolumn derivatisation, pH spiking and internal standard addition are available within the standard version.

Modular and Scalable

A wide range of accessories can be sourced and added in the field at any time; they are available to implement your autosampler with. They include: cooling module, vortex, vial heater and reaction cell, barcode reader (BCR), internal/external needle washing, flow cell, Mini-Uniprep® filter vials and more

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